Friday, 30 June 2017

Photo Scavenger Hunt - June

If I ever manage to publish this post it will be a miracle.  After weeks of computer problems and internet speeds slower than an arthritic slug, umpteen phone calls to my provider (...Plusnet, you have not 'done me proud') and to BT, my issues are still not resolved!.  If I do manage to get connected at all, everything takes eons to download, lucky then that I started to draught this post before the problem started.  I've a telecom man coming next week...wish me luck.

So here we go with this month's Scavenger Hunt snaps, thanks go to Hawthorn for some interesting prompts.

Setting Sun

 This sun was setting five years ago in Cornwall...didn't get around to finding an unobstructed sunset this month.

Local wild place

Mill Lane, Felbridge just a mile or so up the road....it would be a lovely tranquil spot if inconsiderate drivers did not park up lakeside with their engines revving and boom boxes blasting.    Crikey I've turned into an old person.

mug of fave drink in garden

 Not a mug or a garden but tea is my favourite drink, only 'builder's' will do.   I cannot function without my morning cuppa and so teabags are a must in my luggage on my travels to France.

My kind of beautiful
  I'm no petrol head and am generally bored rigid by cars, but I can appreciate design flair and Citroën had it in spades when they commissioned the DS in the 1950's.  I'm also no fan of personalized number plates but I'd put up with this one.  Funnily enough I spotted this car in the street en route to my weekly French lesson.

Look to the skies

I was getting the washing off the line when I happened to notice these birds perched all in a row on a neighbour's TV aerial.

Mini beasts

 This slimy fellow was spotted whilst I was gardening so I shot inside to fetch my camera before he slithered off.


Go away!

Something summery

 The first rose of the year!

Urban wilderness
 I struggled with this one and didn't manage to capture anything this month.  After trawling through my archive I found this photo of an abandoned car in Croatia taken a few years back and thought it kinda fitted the bill.

My own choice

 I've just returned from France where I entertained the first visitor in my van, friend and ex colleague Debbie.  We enjoyed many a Kir Royale in the sultry early evening heat. 

Linking with  I live, I love, I craft... and hoping to be firing on all cylinders next time.
Wishing you all a great weekend.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Five On Friday

It's Friday again so I'm linking up with Tricky Wolf at FASTblog with five random things about my week so far.


 Regular readers may remember a while ago that I purchased a salwar kameez in preparation for the walima of a colleague.  Here I am in the staff car park (not exactly looking my best after a 12 hour shift and a rub down with a wet wipe) before heading off to the celebrations.  We were treated to a fabulous selection of curries and a breathtaking display of Bhangra dancing.

New Shoes!

I've bought some much needed every day new sandals.  Due to my awful bunions which I am rather conscious about, I look for a soft design that cover and hopefully disguise them.  Now I'm wondering if they are frumpy?  Sod it I don't care, they are comfy and I can't be arsed with heels anymore.

Poor Service

Image result for penstemon

At the beginning of April I saw some plants advertised in a magazine and duly sent off for them as they seemed a good deal.  Hah!  Was I naive in expecting my order to be despatched promptly?  After four weeks I hadn't heard a word and wondered if my order had even reached the company.  Around that time I received my bank statement which confirmed that the cheque sent, had still not been banked.  A few days later I had cause to phone my bank and so also enquired whether my cheque had been presented yet.  The bank confirmed that it had.  By this time, (four weeks after my order was sent) the company had sent me a promotional catalogue but still no word about my order. 
 I called their head office.
The employee I spoke with told me that I would not be receiving my order until the end of June as the penstemons had been very popular and were out of stock. The tone in which this information was relayed was as though I should have expected this and no apology was offered at all.  I pointed out that if there was going to be a significant delay in processing orders, perhaps it would be good practice to let customers know, especially as by now, more than a month after my order was placed, they had managed to send two of their catalogues but still not a word about my order!  
Suffice to say, I will not be ordering from Hayloft Plants again.
What do you think?  Were my expectations too high or do you agree and think the service was poor?  In the end my plants arrived a couple of days ago....with two more bloody catalogues! 

Another Furry Foster Friend

I have another feline visitor!  
 Norman, a friendly chap with FIV has come to stay for a while until he finds a new owner. He eats like a horse, makes a funny mouse-like squeak and has an incredibly smelly backside.


I've knocked up another mini cat blanket for the Cats Protection which makes three now.... that wool stash is seriously diminishing.. 

 For some reason my camera has turned cerise pink into bright red!

New Crochet Project

On the subject of blankets...I've finally started on a crochet blanket for my van in France.  I bought the yarn a while back in the Wool Warehouse sale and had better get cracking, I want to take it with me when I drive to Pays de la Loire at the end of July.

I always have the radio on in the car and whilst driving around Vendée three weeks ago, I heard this on Nolstalgie, a station which plays golden oldies. It's been playing inside my head ever since my return. 
 Who, like me, is old enough to remember it?

Friday, 26 May 2017

Photo Scavenger Hunt - May

I'm so pleased to have recently stumbled upon another Photo Scavenger Hunt, this time at
 I live,I love,I laugh ..... and I've enjoyed looking for subjects from Hawthorn's May list. Here's my choice.


Taken at the cathedral of Notre Dame, Fontenay le Comte, France.


 The village green at Godstone, Surrey taken on a frosty February morning.


 Residing in the fruit bowl for far too long, this one was almost on the turn!
 With smoked salmon and a wedge of lemon it made a tasty... and healthy lunch.


I shot this in my village during early spring on my way home from a night shift. 


Looks like woodworm have made their home here. 


 I thought a blurry image was more interesting than one in focus for this shot of my friend Juliette crocheting...she agreed to be photographed only on the proviso that I would not show her face!


 The Selfridges Building in Birmingham was completed in 2003 at a cost of £60 million,
the facade is covered with 15000 anodised aluminium discs.


These second-hand suitcases were displayed outside a vintage shop....again in Birmingham.


Legend has it that the number of breaths it takes to blow off all the seeds of a dandelion head that has gone to seed, is the hour number. 

If blowing seeds is not your idea of telling time, consider this:

"The dandelion is called the rustic oracle; its flowers always open about 5 A.M. and shut at 8 P.M., serving the shepherd for a clock." 


This guy was busy videoing his mate who was riding the waves off the coast of
St Gilles Croix de Vie, France.

I'm off to check out the other scavenger hunters and next month's list .
Have a great weekend.

Sunday, 7 May 2017


Greetings from France where I'm posting from my mobile, (phone and home!) for the first time....I almost feel like a roving reporter!

The French are at the polls today and business appeared to be brisk at the village mairie where the locals go to cast their vote.  After last week's TV debate, the opinion polls suggest Macron has it in the bag, but we know how wrong they can sometimes be!  We'll find out soon enough.

I left the UK last week with a chest infection and since my arrival here have been struck for the first time ever with conjunctivitis.  What a revolting thing that is!  To say that I'm not feeling (or looking) my best would be an understatement.  I've also just discovered that I'm out of gaz and as everything closes on a Sunday at midday, there'll be no hot water or cooking for me later.

I've friends joining me shortly for an apèro....who needs gas anyway?

Santé !

Friday, 28 April 2017

Five On Friday - A Very Ordinary Week

 It's FOF time and yet again I don't have much to say.  I am happy to report that Sandy, my foster cat has now left me for his 'fur'ever home and is doing well.  I'm missing having him around but I'm sure there'll be a new furry visitor soon enough.  Anyways with no exciting happenings to share I'm posting a brief synopsis of my week, head on over to Tricky's FAST blog to check out more FOF's.

Following a night shift that finished at 6am I struggled out of bed at 11 and one mug of tea later shot into town for some shopping.  Having entered the multi-storey car-park I was pissed off to find that they are now charging on a Sunday!  First stop was Poundland. 

 I'm off across the channel soon and scooped up a few items that'll be useful. 

The Coppertone sun tan cream was only 50p...wondering now why I didn't buy two!

These jeans I scored in a charity shop for £4 will be coming too.

 And I invested in some new cosmetics at Boots.  

I saw this two step mascara advertised in a magazine.  First you apply one end...a seemingly normal mascara, then use the other end which adds fibres to give mega (clumpy) lashes.  So far I like it, not cheap though at £10.99. 

Later on I finished this mini cat blanket...I'm finally starting to make serious inroads into my yarn stash!

 You can see below that I'm very lazy about my hair and only have some dark low-lights put in every few months....January 3rd was the last time!  However I've noticed the barnet is getting badger-like faster and faster....(quelle surprise, I am knocking on the door of fifty five) so it was off to Gorgeous, the local hairstylist, that I went.

 Making me gorgeous is a tall order these days, I didn't lose all my grey but they've made me more presentable for a while.

Jesus!...I look like Dumbo in these pics.


A pub lunch at The Red Lion with my octogenarian friend Pauline.  We were so busy yakking that I forgot to take a photo of the two of us. 

Was extremely busy!  In the morning I swung by my regular Knit and Natter group, where Gilly was celebrating a big birthday.  We had a whip round and bought her a clematis which bears her name, the label said  'good in all positions' which she declared was just like her!

  Next stop was my French lesson and later that evening my friend Jill came over for dinner.  As usual.. too pissed busy nattering to remember to take a snap!


Saw me occupied with packing for my forthcoming trip to France.

Politically, the French are going through turbulent times with a general election looming and  the two mainstream parties not in the running for the first time since the sixties. Here's Brit comedian Paul Taylor, a regular on French TV, sharing his thoughts on La Politique. 
(If you're offended by the F word, I suggest you give it a miss)

à bientot  (my computer is objecting to the circumflex!) et bon weekend!

Friday, 7 April 2017

Five On Friday - Not a Bad Week

It's been a while, but really there's not been much of interest to blog about. Truth be told there still isn't but let's face it, life isn't rock n roll most of the time.  Anyway, I thought I should pitch up and post something in case you all forget about me, so here's the good bits about my week thus far.  Don't worry it'll be a quick post so I don't bore the pants off you! 

In my last post I mentioned the cat I was fostering.  Poor Sandy is still with me as he had an adverse reaction to his thyroid medication and I had to rush him to the vet where he stayed for several days.  I'm happy to report that he is much improved now and I brought him 'home' on Tuesday.  I was delighted to see him settle back in after firstly having a good old sniff around his litter tray, it obviously passed muster as he promptly left a large deposit! 

Also this week I was pleased to finish my random coloured stash-busting blanket for the local hospice, which I delivered yesterday.  

On Wednesday I went shopping for a shalwar kameez, also known as a Punjabi suit, (so the proprietor of the shop informed me) and was chuffed to find one at half price that fits me like a glove. I've been invited to a colleague's Walima next month and Indian/Pakistani dress is de rigueur. Here's a sneak peek but I'll save the big reveal for when I'm wearing some slap!

Also purchased were these inexpensive earrings to accessorize the outfit.

Yesterday saw my weekly Knit & Natter group. Irritatingly, work interferes with my attendance but I like to go when I can.  This group of talented ladies are great company and the topics of conversation would shock you...oh yeah.  Amongst other things, R told us about the risqué words that her friend's daughter had had tattooed on her bum.  Even I gasped and nothing much shocks me. Here we all are stitching and bitching.

The final thing that put a smile on my face this week was learning that French political drama Spin was returning to UK TV screens next week. (Les hommes de l'ombre in French) I watched the first two series last year and was hooked.  Anyone else watched it?

  Spin Poster

Hope you've had a good week too.

Linking up with Tricky Wolf  (isn't it a fab name?) for Five On Friday

Monday, 6 March 2017

Signs of Spring

It actually stopped raining at the weekend long enough for me to clean the exterior of the conservatory, do a spot of garden tidying and hang out the washing.  Hoorah.

There's no doubt that Spring is almost upon us.  My Countryside Companion  informs me that this is the month when bats, dormice (sadly in declining numbers nowadays) and hedgehogs awaken from their winter sleep, toads and frogs spawn and spiders reappear...not in my house I hope! 

As the weather was mostly miserable at the weekend, it gave me a chance to knock up a card for this week's Less Is More challenge - Mainly Teal.

Items used: Cosmic Shimmer mica powders
Hobby Art sentiment
Floral stamps - freebie with magazine ??
Papers and gem from my stash

I've also been busy with crochet and my blanket is coming on nicely, which is just as well as I've a feeling I will be making a few more for feline friends.  Recently, after chatting to a colleague who fosters cats for Cats Protection I decided that I'd like to get involved and now several weeks later have my first ward, named Sandy.  He's an old boy of seventeen years and I'll be looking after him until he's adopted and moves on to his forever home.

Following the purchase of my mobile home in France last August I decided it wasn't sensible to get another cat as I'll be going out there on a regular basis. (Long time readers will remember Prudy, my beloved moggy who died almost two years ago)  But a house isn't the same without a cat and fostering seems a great way to help a charity, it's also personally rewarding and a perfect solution for me.  Luckily, Sandy is a gentle old boy and after three days of skirting around me and disappearing under the table every time I went near, he's decided that I'm not a bad sort and is now a regular fixture on my lap. Let's hope he finds a permanent new home soon.

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